AICHM-JUH in collaboration with GIZ is implementing a programme to alleviate the hunger crisis, reduce vulnerability through alternative livelihoods, as well as protect natural resources in the famine prone area of Natamakarwo in Turkana West. AICHM-JUH employs alternative livelihoods in Natamakarwo in Turkana West based on a variety of strategies including the marketing , cultivation of crops, variety of wage earning occupations ranging from professional to manual labour and entrepreneurial activities including charcoal production and bee keeping, etc. The programme seeks to improve dry land farming practices and introduce flood-irrigated agriculture to reinforce household food security and provide a sustainable alternative livelihood to the pastoralist vulnerable way of life. The program has rehabilitated rangeland and encouraging livestock keepers to produce fodder  for pasture production  for their livestock.


The program aims at Improving the living conditions of the pastoral communities and the long-term protection of the natural resources, achieved through diversification of pastoralists’ livelihoods and introduction livelihoods and introduction of sustainable natural resource management in Natamakarwo community in Turkana county as per the Kenya National Strategies to develop the ASALs.

Agriculture and food security

Food for assets

Residence sowing seeds in Kakuma

Progress of maize planted after one month

• Food for assets

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