Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

AIC Health Ministries UZIMA project
Women attending PMCT clinics in a health facilityAIC Health Ministries UZIMA project in collaboration with Johanniter international are committed to elimination of HIV mother to child. The overall objective is to reduces mortality and morbidity among women and children in Kenya and improve maternal health i health facilities across the country.

AICHM UZIMA project is dedicated on elimination of new HIV infection among children born by HIV positive mothers and keeping mothers alive and empower them through psychosocial support group.

  • Reducing HIV infection among women through provision of primary prevention among women of reproductive age.
  • Reduction of unmet need of family planning to zero among women.
  • Supporting the infected more efficacious ARVs prophylaxis during pregnancy, deliver and breastfeeding in order to reduce vertical transmission rate.
  • Reduction of HIV related maternal deaths and HIV attributable deaths among infants.
  • Offering care and treatment and Psychosocial support

To this case AICHM are committed to make it possible to all mothers to access comprehensives intervention that they require for them to enjoy quality health and life

A mother with her child attending clinic

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