What is Maarifa?

Maarifa is a faith-based psycho-social support program for youth living with HIV.

Maarifa is a program of Africa Inland Church Health Ministries (AICHM) that seeks to bring psycho-social support to youth living with HIV (YLWH) in Kenya using local volunteer facilitators at community clinics where YLWH seek treatment.

AICHM mobilizes community representatives including chiefs, pastors, religious leaders, medical professionals, educators, artists and other interested individuals. As a volunteer facilitator you will have the opportunity to be a spokesperson in your community for Maarifa, spreading the word about caring for YLWH and awareness of how to stop the spread HIV/AIDS through teaching youth to live positively.


The mission of Maarifa is to use the The Armor of Positive Living framework to impart life skills, emotional, and spiritual support to youth living with HIV/AIDS (YLWHA). We will primarily work with youth ages 10 to 21. Maarifa will reach YLWHA throughout Kenya by working within the community health structure and through community churches.



YLWHA enjoy quality lives through structured psycho-social support.



1.     Bring psycho-social support to youth living with HIV/AIDS (YLWHA) who are not already receiving support.

2.     To empower communities to embrace YLWHA and value them in society.

3.     To provide a safe place for YLWHA within their community where they can express themselves and discuss the obstacles they face.

4.     To provide YLWHA with the tools to construct an armor of positive living.

5.     To influence the decline of new HIV infections through the positive living of the YLWHA.

6.     To facilitate income-generating initiatives that will sustain the Maarifa program.

7.     Write a manual for other countries to duplicate this program.


Other important facts:

Maarifa requires facilitators to volunteer once per month for no more than 5 hours, which would include preparation and facilitation time.


Participating clinics are responsible to recruit YLWH to attend Maarifa on youth clinic days as well as provide space for the program and if needed, answers to medical questions the youth may have.


Maarifa is NOT a grant-funded program. Individual communities/clinics/youth will undertake their own income generating projects to support the Maarifa program.


Maarifa is currently conducting a pilot at four sites in three counties while we await approval of the curriculum from the Kenyan government through NASCOP. When the curriculum has been approved we will begin to role the program out nationwide.


Qualifications for Volunteer Facilitators:

Ideally you should have a good understanding of HIV/AIDs and how it is spread. Have compassion for those living with HIV and time to volunteer. It is also helpful if you are in one of the following professions, but not essential: community health worker, social worker, community leader, teacher, nurse, guidance counselor, pastor or bible student, artist. If you are an adult living with HIV and you live a healthy lifestyle you are also encouraged to inquire

How to become a Volunteer Facilitator:

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a text to 0719 418 868 with the following info:



Which clinic serving youth living with HIV you are willing to volunteer at.

Educational experience

Languages spoken




Contact Information:

Program Coordinator: Jessica Hasslen Steyn

Program Supervisor: Beth Mburu

Address: P.O. Box 40431, 00100 Nairobi

Phone Office: 020 272 4401, 020 234 4024

Phone Mobile: 0719 418 868, 0721 461 369

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternate email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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