Eye Health Program

Cataract surgery at AIC Alale Health Center Surgical outreach

AIC Eye Health Program contributes greatly to the mission of AIC Health ministries in provision of holistic quality health care. The program concentrates on eye health to prevent blindness, promote eye health and improve eye sight to those who are vulnerable.

The program has two projects which are covering arid areas of the country with endemic eye diseases. The two projects are funded by The Johanniter international assistance and CBM international.

Main Activities

Surgical Outreaches.
AIC health Ministries has over seventy health units spread all over the country, mostly in dry areas. This creates a good network for effective mobilization during project outreaches. The eye program has been using this network to mobilize for its surgical outreaches hence many people with cataract, trachoma and others eye conditions are operated

Treatment of Eye Diseases.
During the camp, screening and treatment of eye diseases is done and many people who cannot access eye care benefit from this exercise.

Treatment of eye patients during the outreach

Some eye diseases identified are very unusual to the general medical health workers and requires ophthalmic specialists who are not available in these arid areas. AIC Eye Health program makes these specialised eye services accessible to these people through outreaches.

Children who are blind due to either traumatic or developmental cataracts are operated on but those who require to be operated under general anaesthesia are referred to main hospitals.

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